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By the Glass: Bernice Liu, Celebrity and Wine Entrepreneur

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The Hong Kong actress, singer, and model has her very own wine label, Bellavizio, and wine store, Wine Maven

Our By The Glass series sees sommeliers and wine experts share some vinous inspiration for your next pour.

Born in Canada and based in Hong Kong, Bernice Liu is most well-known as an actress and a singer. But after years of sipping some of the finest wines in the world and building up her wine portfolio, she created her own label, Bellavizio. The wine entrepreneur constantly posts her vino picks and adventures on her Instagram, sharing her love for the drink. 

After observing that there was a lack of platform for wine lovers to gather, learn, and share about wine, Liu created Wine Maven to build a community of wine lovers. Wine Maven is slated to launch in Malaysia soon.

An early (in your career) wine that made you go “Wow! I want to be a wine maven”

There wasn’t one wine, but my entire wine journey. However, the first vintage wine that I tried was a 1979 Chateau Beychevelle, and that left a lasting impression.

Most memorable pour

A 1945 Cheval Blanc that I drank with wine mentor friends at Luk Yu Tea House. There’s something nostalgic about that place. The old-fashioned decor paired with Cantonese-style traditional cuisine made for the perfect setting to open this iconic and historic bottle of wine.

A sentimental wine

Bellavizio Napa 2015 is a wine that is close to my heart as I started my wine journey in Napa Valley. This particular vintage of my Chardonnay is barrelled in oak for a full body, vanilla notes, and smooth palate. It has a long finish for those who have an old soul like myself with a liking for those richer, rounder whites.

Sun, sea, and…

Champagne! It’s always a great choice to satisfy the thirst quench and keeps you cool and refreshed from inside out. 

What’s one bottle you’re saving for a really big moment?

Haut Brion Blanc. I shared one bottle, so I have two left. It is a very precious bottle in my cellar so I would like to open it on a special occasion and share it with just one or two friends who would appreciate it as much as I would.

Rosé, white or red?

All of the above. I’m not a picky drinker when it’s casual and not for any specific purpose. I think wine is such a versatile drink.


Best from your ‘bundles’ list?

The Antinori bundle. The first time I featured the Antinori bundle, it was such an honour for me to do it as I know the family personally. I was so excited they wanted to make it happen and did all they could to see it through.

They also made sure we could do it during the pandemic and provide our fans and members with the best premium wines in their portfolio to try at home—all while keeping it within a reasonable cost. It was definitely a passion project on both sides.

What you love to recommend to friends

My mixed bundles! They are affordable yet still very premium in the glass. Wine should be part of our lifestyles, whether casual or grand, and people should not feel intimidated to give it a try. Wine can make all occasions just that much more meaningful, so why not elevate each dining or gathering experience!

A special something

My Bellavizio wine collection. Any vintage in this collection is special, as it’s a boutique wine made by me. If you can get your hands on one, it would definitely be something special to share with your loved ones.

Bottle to bring to a dinner party

Cristal (Louis Roederer) because I think it not only represents class but also taste and style. It’s not just a champagne but the champagne of the party.

A bottle you haven’t tried but really want to

I’m open to try any wine. I’ve tried wines I never dreamed of trying. I’m blessed with great wine friends.

What’s in your cellar?

A lot of wine!

Last glass you’ve had

Bellavizio Rouge 2016, my gold medal winner and Best In Class at the International Women’s Wine Competition. I even brought a bottle to share with my friends in Malaysia, of course!

It’s your last meal, what bottle are you having with it?

A bottle of my wine, of course. I hope it doesn’t come so soon but my 10-year-anniversary bottle is quite special with a lot of meaning behind the label, which was done by a good friend of mine. 

If not wine, then what?

Whiskey. Especially when ending an evening to calm the soul and settle the heart, as I like to say.


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