Hong Kong’s top influencers share with us the places that bring them joy.

By Faye Bradley | Paradigm Haus

Bernice Liu

Alyssa Campanella (@alysscampanella)

Model, blogger and founder of The A List, and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss USA 2011

My happy place is a tie between being surrounded by my fur babies at home and being wrapped up in a sweater on a black sand beach in Iceland”

Bernice Liu

Payal Shah (@payalia)

Founder of L’Dezen, PSYLISH & OLY + PIE

“My happy place is when I find happiness in the little things. Where I am comfortable in my own skin, probably on a sandy beach with gorgeous sounds of beach waves next to my favourite person”

Bernice Liu

Keith Lee 李浩泓 (@keithleefitness)

Lawyer & Gym Co-Founder Two Percent Fitness

“My happy place is my gym @twopercentfitness

Bernice Liu

Bernice Liu (@berniceliuofficial)

Actress, Wine Maven & Founder of Bellavizio

“My happy place is at home with my dogs just being our silly selves playing and snuggling all day long!”

Bernice Liu

Jess Jann (@jessjann)

Actress & Co-founder of Jessica Beauty & Explosive Agency

“My happy place is being with my loved ones! Being with my husband, KK, at home watching TV in our bed or being home with my family in California. I always loved going home for the holidays and being with my grandma, mom, dad, sister and cousins! Hoping for more family reunions once it’s safe!”

Bernice Liu

Grace Chan (@ghlchan)

Actress & Cofounder of @snowqueenhk

“My happy place as—cliche as it is—is wherever my family is. Spending quality time with my husband, children and my parents is all that matters”

Bernice Liu

Pony Pong (@ponypong)

Make Up Influencer & Photographer for Free People Group

“I will choose Capri as my happy place. I had a great time here”

Bernice Liu

Christy Leung (@imchristyleung)

Travel Host

“My happy place is Iceland”

Bernice Liu

Ceci Ngan (@no7)

Founder of SENSE 7 Studio

“My happy place is home, where I can be totally free and make memories with my family, friends and loved ones”

Bernice Liu

Mayo (@mellowmayo)

Fashion Blogger

“My happy place is when I can visit the Chinese herbal medicine/dried seafood shops—especially the ones with shop cats”

Bernice Liu

Daniel Lau (@daniel__lau)

Personal Trainer & TCM Practitioner

“My happy place is wherever I can spend quality time with my loved ones”

Bernice Liu

Ellie Furuya (@furellie)


“My happy place is… where my dogs are!”

Bernice Liu

Ng Laiza Stephanie T (@laizas_)

Photographer & Founder of laizas_ceramic

“My happy place is at the ceramic studio”

Bernice Liu

Natalie Fung (@natalieftm)

Founder of Natty by Natalie

“My happy place is wherever has daylight and with my beloved ones, so I’d say my home is my happy place”

Bernice Liu

Cindy (@cindiddy)


“I have many happy places. At the moment a happy place that comes to mind is being on a flight flying into the sunrise. There’s something about having my own space, the views, the white noise and being disconnected from my phone! I’m always overcome with a sense of gratitude looking out into the world. Being on the go yet in complete stillness”

Bernice Liu

Faye Tsui (@faye_tsui)

Fashion Stylist

“My happy Place would be Capri in Italy—it’s one of my favorite holiday I have had so far”

Bernice Liu

Moanna S. (@moannaxdessire)


“Home is my happy place—home is anywhere where I’m with my favourite people”