Inspirational women in Hong Kong’s food and drink scene to follow in 2023

By Tatler Dining | tatlerasia.com | March 08, 2023 https://www.tatlerasia.com/dining/others/inspirational-females-hong-kong-food-and-drink-scene

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023 (March 8), we’re shining a spotlight on the individuals who have made an impact on Hong Kong’s food and drink scene.

From talented chefs and successful culinary entrepreneurs to compassionate philanthropists, expert wine advocates and more, read on for our list that will surely inspire and motivate—for these are the women in Hong Kong’s food and drink scene that we should all acknowledge and honour today, and every day for that matter.


1. Vicky Lau, chef-owner of Tate Dining Room, Mora and Ān

2. Gabrielle Kirstein, founder of Feeding Hong Kong

3. ArChan Chan, head chef at Ho Lee Fook

4. Jessica Fong, founder and CEO of Common Farms

5. Yenn Wong, founder and CEO of JIA Group

6. Sam Lui, creator of Wendy’s Wok World

7. Lindsay Jang of Yardbird, Ronin and Sunday’s Spirits

8. Sarah Heller, Master of Wine

9. Elizabeth Chu, chairwoman of ZS Hospitality Group

10. May Chow, chef and founder of Little Bao

11. Gigi Ng, fourth-generation owner of Ser Wong Fun

12. Mandy Siu, pastry chef and founder of Finessence Pâtisserie

13. Jo Soo-Tang, co-founder of Cookie Smiles and Rén

14. Peggy Chan, executive director of Zero Foodprint Asia

15. Laura Prabowo, co-founder of Penicillin and Dead& bar

16. Susan Jung, food columnist and cookbook author

17. Beckaly Franks, co-owner of The Pontiac, Quality Goods Club and more

18. Ezra Star, owner of Mostly Harmless bar

19. Jen Balisi, cookbook author and co-founder of Barkada

20. Tiff Lo, chef-owner of Jean May

21. Joanna Yuen, pastry chef

22. Smita Grosse, executive pastry chef at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

23. Chunling Fong, director of Farmhouse Productions

24. Heidi Spurrell, CEO and founder of Future Green

25. Dimple Yuen, co-founder of Two Moons Distillery

26. Hilda Chan, culinary artist

27. Bernice Liu, founder of Bellavizio and Wine Maven

28. Karys Logue, pastry chef for Butter cake shop and Gelato Messina


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